Ambit Issue 96

Ambit 96 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 J. G. Ballard The Autobiography of J. G. B.
    Michael Foreman Drawings
6 Lindsay Fulcher Earthworks
8 Peter Porter Tryptych for 1498, 1984 and 9814
    Laura Knight Drawing
12 Deborah Levy Proletarian Zen
     Peter Bayley Drawings
19 Gavin Ewart Poems
22 Aidan Higgins The Other Day I was Thinking of You
28 Jim Burns A Final Chorus at Foo-Foos
     Paul Shorockl Adrian Lee Drawings
33 Simon Middleton Vikings on the Fens
     Mick Harrison / Colin Rose / Venetia Rucker Drawings
37 Oswell Blakeston Stories
38 Edward Lowbury Poems
     Steve Howard / Annette Paulson Drawings
42 Henry Graham Poems
     Paul Derbyshire / Steve Howard Drawings
48 David Winwood Poems
50 Stephen MacKeith Paracosms
55 Ian Watson Mistress of Cold
     Robert McAulay Drawings
63 Aloma Halter Poem
64 Barry Leale Poems
65 Ron Sandford Drawings
70 Herbert Lomas, Jim Burns and Yann Lovelock Reviews
76 Eric Mathieson Poems
     Mark Foreman Drawings
80 Oswell Blakeston Stories
81 Robert Angus Poems
     Peter Richardson Drawings
86 Harriet Rose Poems
     Fiona Walker Drawings
89 Herbert Lomas Reviews
91 Michael Kelly Snapshots Near the Luxemboarg
92 John Sweetman Poems
    Charles Sheurer Drawing
94 Penny McCarthy Poem Skipping Song
95 Jerry Orpwood Poem