Ambit Issue 98

Ambit 98 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 Vernon Scanneil Poems
   Michael Foreman Drawing
5 Deborah Levy Passion
   Clare Jarrett Drawings
12 Deborah Levy Poems
14 Joan Michelson Poems
15 Peter Finch Fish head
19 Fred Sedgwick A Theme of Celans
21 Carol Ann Duffy Poems
     Michael Foreman Drawings
23 Rolf Brandt From Apparitions
28 Duncan Bush / Cesare Pavese Poems
33 Susan Sterne Drawing
37 Michael Thome Sitting at My Black Desk
38 C. A. de Lomellini Poems
41 Guiseppe Belli / Ron Sandford / Allen Andrew
47 Marilyn Hacker Poems
      Laura Knight Drawing
52 Jonathan Treitel Poems
     Michael Foreman Drawing
55 Burns et al Reviews
58 Michael Daugherty Poems
62 Kenneth Lang Poems
65 Burns et al Reviews
69 Dave Calder Poems
70 Alistair Wisker Poems
72 Paul Roundhill A Day On the Life Cycle
     Bob MacAulay Drawings
76 John Cotton Life Swapping
77 Laurie Preece The Artist on the Way to Work and Other Fictions
82 James Russel Grant Poems
84 Ewart et al Reviews
92 Alan Brownjohn Poems
96 Ron Sandford Alan Brownjohn

Artwork on cover by Kitching / Sandford