Ambit Issue 99

Ambit 99 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 Ian Pollock Drawings
7 Andrew Hassam After the Show
   Michael Foreman Drawing
13 Julia Casterton Poems
16 Oswell Blakeston Poems
17 David Tipton Arrest
     Christine Tongue Drawing
28 Carol Rumens Poems
30 Bartholomew Dos Santos Drawings
35 Anthony Edkins Poems
38 Jim Mangnall A Time Between Stations
     Laura Knight Drawings
45 Agnes Stein Poems
      Sarah Kirch / Rernd Jentzsch
48 Duncan Bush Down at the Piccadilly
     Mark Foreman Drawing
54 Nicki Jackowska Poems
     Charles Shearer Drawing
58 John Cladwell Stories
     Ian Pollock Drawing
61 Lucy Ann Watts The Plain Woman
62 Alexander Hutchinson Carbuncle's Thrashing of the Tub
64 John Gunnell A Quinzaine for Giselle Bruckner
65 Laura Knight Heads
70 Patricia Pogson Poems
72 Patrick O'Connor Poems
73 Scannell / Curry / Lomas Reviews
79 Madge Hales Poems
84 Kevin Crossley-Holland
86 Guilano Dego / Margaret Strauss From the Italian
     Mark Foreman
92 Lomas Reviews
96 Ron Sandford  Carol Ann Duffy   

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