Annual Ambit Competition Magick!

Please send us work that explores the theme of Magick.

Our judges are:

Poems: Rebecca Tamás

Stories: Jenni Fagan

Art: Danielle de Picciotto

We offer £500 to each winner, and are arranging a Magick raffle of prizes which will be announced on publication. Winners will be published in our Magick issue on Halloween.

We need exclusive work, that is not being sent elsewhere. We ask that it has never been seen on social media, or past published anywhere.


Ambit always publish original work, although it may be republished by you or those of your choosing later. Copyright remains with you, the creator.

We want to continue to expand what we can present on paper as Dr Martin Bax, JG Ballard, Olivia Bax, Michael Foreman, Eduardo Paolozzi and all our many contributors have managed to over the years.

We aim to have a longlist by September, with winners being informed ahead of publication on Halloween.

Please find out more on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and please do sign up to our irregular newsletter, this is the best way to stay in touch. Subscribe to our podcast wherever you listen.

We are excited to be touring the UK in July – so please come say Hi!!!

Tickets are up on Dice.Fm now. We are heading to Tom Thumb Theatre Margate, Rough Trade Bristol, The Albert in Brighton, Rough Trade East in London, Rough Trade Nottingham, and beyond…

But mainly, read the magazine – find it in libraries, and order it in your bookshop, or get it directly from us.

We are a charity, offering ladders into literature and the arts – grown from a glorious legacy of publishing cult legends.

Rebellion in POEMS, STORIES, and ART since 1959.

Love Kirsty Allison, editor, the judges, and the Ambit fam x

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