OPEN CALL for Poems, Stories, Art for AMBIT x DONGOLA September issue on War

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Are you in exile, a refugee, or currently experiencing the results of war?

Ambit are proud to collaborate with the creators behind Dongola | Limited Editions in Beirut to publish a special September issue. We invite poets, writers and artists to tackle the tangents, multiplicity and permanence of war, creating echoes beyond its violent, singular image.

The traumatic bloodshed of the newest human atrocities leaves much media sidelining the pain of others in a never-ending sensory overload. Story is bound between the borders of truth and myth. Heroes and enemies become tropes within image and text, and as witnesses, art has no choice but to unpack the surreptitious results of psychological warfare, anxiety, inhumanity and the aftermath of the realities of war.

The purpose of this issue is to dissect the experience of the back-and-forth reverberations which result from a condensation of feelings, reactions and thought before, during and after the actuality of war.

Ambit x Dongola will be publishing work without prejudice. Only the top submissions will feature in the 248th Ambit quarterly over 96-pages, with 30 pages for Poems, Stories and Art. The editor’s decision is final. More information on the submission portal here, or our Submit page.

OPEN FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL. CLOSES at MIDNIGHT GMT, 30 APRIL 2022. Any postal submissions must sent to the London office and be received by 30th April. 

The best way to understand what may work for us is to read the magazine. We feature some work here on our website but this is not the full scope you will experience through taking a digital subscription, print membership, or finding us in a library.

Deep thanks for submitting, we appreciate your time and effort, and, as suggested, we are only able to publish a small selection of works that stand out as exceptional.

Kirsty Allison, editor-in-chief, Ambit, working with Dongola | Limited Editions.

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