Ambit Pop x Soho Radio with Lias Saoudi & guests

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Lias Saoudi of Fat White Family discusses the ‘Johnson method’ alongside the theme of Futility! Fear! Faith! with author of the cult world trip inside your soul book, Threshold, Rob Doyle, and Jenni Fagan, who’s recent novel, Luckenbooth frames gothic Victoriana into Edinburgh tenements over 9 decades by way of beatnik residents of mulitudinous force.  Also, hear work from Jeremy Reed, Connor Seed and Vida Adamcewski’s letter to her brother, Saul from Fat White Family.  Hosted by Kirsty Allison, with thanks to Clare Lynch for producing.

This is the first show on Soho Radio NYC & Culture from the venerable Ambit arts and literary quarterly, which was established in 1959 by Dr Martin Bax in London.  Editors have included JG Ballard and Eduardo Paolozzi.  Work by everyone from William S Burroughs, Stevie Smith, David Hockney, Francis Bacon, Linton Kwesi Johnson to more recent literary and arts idols has been published on the infamous pages which became somewhat banned in 1969 for launching a competition for work written on drugs.

Poet Briony Bax (Rough Trade Books) took to the helm in 2013, and recently recruited Kirsty Allison, who have together introduced the all new Ambit Pop editions, which interchange with the traditional unsolicited submission editions of 96 pages selected by editors.

The first Ambit Pop is out now, and is guest edited by Lias Saoudi of Fat White Family who introduces a stellar crew of Rob Doyle, Jenni Fagan, Benjamin Myers, Adelle Stripe, Jeremy Reed, Zaffar Kunial, Connor Seed, Nina Power, Vida Adamczewski, Niall Griffiths – with art from Marco Livingstone, Steven Allan, Anna McDowell, Wayne Horse, and Neal Fox (Le Gun) have created something quite exceptional, and it’s £10 or £30 for a print subscription for a year.

The annual competition is currently open for another month with the theme of Metamorphosis and judges: Deborah Levy (stories), Kim Addonizio (poems) and Michael Salu (illustration).  Enter now!

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