Chats in lockdown: artists talking. Emma Cousin talks to Katherine Bradford

This podcast was started by Emma Cousin in March 2020 in order to keep artists connected during lockdown. Cousin discusses how the virus has impacted different artists and their work.

Ambit is pleased to share this chat between Emma Cousin (from Ambit 229) and Katherine Bradford (from Ambit 225).

"Katherine Bradford and I talk about where she is in Maine, which is where we met, and hear about her arrival there from New York (this is the last day of her 14 day Quarantine.) We talk about what Katherine is making, from the kitchen table and about the ideas of dry mediums, white paper and stubborn images! We discuss communities, talking about the residency where we met, Skowhegan, and reflect on our relative experiences of it. Katherine talks about how she wanted an artist's life and how she painted herself into it, both literally and in dialogue with her many peers. Katherine says "I don't fool around", and we explore this talking through her process, her interactions with her 'sick paintings' and her pace and we think on the ignored paintings and her editor, her gallery Canada. We talk about the themes in her last painting show in London (Campoli Presti) and her distinctive heads. We touch on her show at Adams and Ollman Gallery in Portland, which can be accessed remotely via her son who filmed a video. We end with her 'dead brushes' and simple pleasures." - Emma Cousin

This episode was recorded on 23 April 2020. With thanks to Emma Cousin and Katherine Bradford for letting us share it. 

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