Chats in lockdown: artists talking. Emma Cousin talks to Luke Burton

This podcast was started by Emma Cousin in March 2020 in order to keep artists connected during lockdown. Cousin discusses how the virus has impacted different artists and their work.

Ambit is pleased to share this chat between Emma Cousin (from Ambit 229) and Luke Burton (from Ambit 234).

"In this Episode, Luke Burton and I discuss his residency in Cambridge at Girton College and the realities of true isolation. We talk about his circling of painting in work that involves a cartoon-like shorthand that withstands a lot of manipulation such as stretching, warping and flattening. We revisit his recent show at Picnic Gallery in Peckham, which was constantly opening and closing and showed stacks of sports equipment in graphic totems to the closing down high street and seem now in memory to preempt the closure of so many shops and the cancellation of all sport. We discuss Pandemic poetry, miniatures, problems of display and drawing and the ornamental, ending with thoughts on the decorative and snooker (Ronnie O'Sullivan.)" - Emma Cousin.

This episode was recorded on 21 April 2020. With thanks to Emma Cousin and Luke Burton for letting us share it. 

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