AMBIT 242 was the final fling for Olivia Bax as Art Editor.  She selected some of her favourite artists, who have inspired her own journey as a sculptor, winning the Mark Tanner Prize in 2019-2020.

3 Notes from the Editors – January 2021
4 Amaan Hyder What is your language
6 Kim Moore 40
7 Will Stone Gentle Travellers
8 Padraig Regan A Roast
10 Sean Wai Keung Cleave
11 Mícheál McCann Attending a D&D Gathering for the first time
12 Tom Wells / Nakisha Talbot The Gyre
16 Neil Douglas Enquiry made under Section 47 of the Children Act 1989
18 Emerson Rain At the Gynecologist
19 Jo Morris Dixon Helpline
20 Cecilia Knapp Bust-up Lip
21 Liam Bates My Responsibility
22 Sharon Black Tobar nah Aois
23 Jonathan Edwards My Father in Hospital, 1994
24 Dan O’Brien from Survivor’s Notebook
25 Madeleine Stein New to Thee
33 Tamar Yoseloff Half Life
34 Jennifer Edgecombe Grant
35 Danielle Pieratti Morning Swim at Low Tide
36 Samantha Walton / Mary Herbert The Mother
45 Maria Borio Miniatures 1
46 Luke Routledge, Anthea Hamilton, Laurence Owen, Harriet Rickard, Jessi Reaves, Mary Ramsden, John Summers and Sara Barker Looking for Real
56 Stuart Charlesworth Because, all the
58 Alice Miller What We Find
60 Richie McCaffery Father and son in the pub
61 Adelina Rose Gowans First Time Alone in the City
62 Jeremy Scott The Notes
70 Gail McConnell River in Winter
72 Alison Brackenbury Matched
73 Soramimi Hanarejima Safe Keeping
78 Youssef Mohamed Elegy with Bird with Broken Neck
80 Regi Claire The Other Side
82 Neha Maqsood The world we find ourselves in
83 Eleni Philippou Tacit
84 Igor Klikovac Montenegro
85 Olly Todd O’Meally Frees a Seagull
86 Duncan Wu Glasgow Rats
86 Lisa Kelly A Valid Excuse
87 Alex Gray Pretending
90 Shereen Akhtar Romance
94 Mary Mulholland What would I see in a portrait of me?
95 Christopher Lanyon Years after the car crash
96 Mary Ramsden Adam

Artwork on the cover by Anthea Hamilton


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