AMBIT 246 2022

Poems, Stories, Art – unsolicited contributions from the long winter of 2021>2022.  Published March 2022.

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Florence Ladd, Jehane Markham, Jay Barnett, Regi Claire, Michael Pedersen, Anthony Anaxagorou, Stuart McKenzie, Simon Maddrell, Paul Birtill, Trissie Coleshaw, Wendy Allen, Amy Acre, Hildred Crill, Amelia Zhou, Jill Abram, Neal Hoskins, Anthony Wilson, Michael Naghten Shanks, Sean McLusky, Jeff Schulden, Tim Liardet, Ben Pinkard, Alex Glynne, Jane Lovell, Cleo Henry, Suzanne Iuppa, Andrew Fentham translates András Gerevich, Jenny Pagdin
Liz McSkeane, Emily Devane, Fannah Palmer, Meara Sharma, Ruth Rosengarten, Moz, Regi Claire
⚡︎☻⚡︎ ART
Jason McGlade, Laura Copsey, Sean McLusky, Chenyue Yuan, Bert Gilbert
Jay Jeff Jones on Ambit’s original beatnik, Donald Gardner, and a hotlist
Anthony Anaxagorou

AMBIT 246 is edited by Kirsty Allison. Fiction Editor Kate Pemberton, with Mathis Clément, George Laver and Charlotte McCormac. Illustration Editor Dr Mireille Fauchon. Executive Board of Poets Kate Elspeth Simpson, David Erdos, Rushika Wick, Jamika Ajalon with Roland Fischer-Vousden and Viola Ugolini. Editors Emeritus Briony Bax and Dr Martin Bax. Website Superglow. Finance & Subscriptions Alex Abery. Contributing Editors Shanta Acharya, Olivia Bax, Fred D’Aguiar, Tony Dash, Richard Dyer, Travis Elborough, Helen Gordon, Maryam Hessavi, Declan Ryan, Michael Salu and George Szirtes. The magazine is designed by Stephen Barrett.



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