Please send us work that explores the theme of Magick.
We need exclusive work, that is not being sent elsewhere. We ask that it has never been seen on social media, or past published anywhere.
Ambit always publish original work, although it may be republished by you or those of your choosing later. Copyright remains with you, the creator.
We want to continue to expand what we can present on paper as Dr Martin Bax, JG Ballard, Olivia Bax, Michael Foreman, Eduardo Paolozzi and all our many contributors have managed to over the years.

We are publishing QR codes to take us out of paper and into new realms. 

We aim to have a longlist by September, with winners being informed ahead of publication on Halloween.
We offer £500 to each winner, and are arranging a Magick raffle of prizes which will be announced on publication.
Please find out more on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and please do sign up to our irregular newsletter, this is the best way to stay in touch. Subscribe to our podcast wherever you listen.
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But mainly, read the magazine – find it in libraries, and order it in your bookshop, or get it directly from us.
We are a charity, offering ladders into literature and the arts – grown from a glorious legacy of publishing cult legends.
Rebellion in POEMS, STORIES, and ART since 1959.
Love Kirsty Allison, editor, the judges, and the Ambit fam x


You may submit as many poems as you like.  £6 per single poem, and if you send enough to hit £30, we’ll give you a subscription (free to UK, postage of £20 to Europe, £30 to Rest of the World – these are the times we’re in…).  Ambit is a charity offering ladders into literature and the arts through publication). If you are outside the financial system  or experiencing extreme hardship, please email us, and for unwaged, students, £4 per single poem.  


You may submit multiple entries, each for £6 a submission. Same rules apply as above.

Stories can take whatever form, but we’re looking at shorter work, so 500-4000 words, and we can publish more shorter pieces. Please include the word count on your story (with the title) but add your name and address on the cover letter only, as per poems. This is because we like to read ‘blind’ in the first instance to avoid bias for past contributors etc. Please send your writing as a PDF/Pages/Word/rtf file.


Ambit is often printed in black and white, so do bear that in mind with your entries, although, we will consider work in all mediums and colours – and will produce the magazine to best demonstrate the winning work.

The magazine is trimmed at: 164 × 240 mm
Safe type area: 128 × 220 mm
Full bleed: 167 × 246 mm
Ideally work will be supplied with 3 mm bleed , but this is not essential, just so you have an idea of how we work.

We do publish spreads. 


Our submissions portal allows attachments upto 400mb and it helps us to have images as a reference rather than links. 

If selected, we will require images for print to be 600dpi which can be requested if your work is selected for publication.  Scans or photographs of work will be the responsibility of the artist/illustrator, but in exceptional cases we can arrange this. Please note the inside pages are generally designed in monochrome, so we will be looking for work that is suited to this. 


Please email with queries.  Note we are a charity, and our work in focused on the magazine.

In Ambit 246 we began sharing reviews for the first time in years. 

Most reviews are online.  We pay a small fee or offer a subscription.



Ambit publish work without prejudice. Only top submissions feature across pages.


We appreciate your time and effort, and, as suggested, we are only able to publish a small selection of works that stand out as exceptional.


Kirsty Allison, editor, 2022.