Stories (up to 4000 words) CLOSED until 2022
Art submissions are generally commissioned, please email with portfolio:

We are reading Poetry for Ambit 246 which will be published in February 2022, via submissions made on Submittable or through the post to the London address of Ambit, from 16 November – 23.59 30 November.

Due to the high volume of submissions we are charging a £2.50 fee for a single submission, and £3.50 for up to 5 poems. Submission is free for the unwaged, entirely skint, and students (found in its own category). This tradition of egalitarian affordability is part of our aim to make poetry cost little more than postage and an envelope – and we aim to keep it this way.
New guidelines:

 *Send us your best poems, up to five of them in one document (PDF/Pages/Word/RTF). Please only submit once per reading period to give our team a chance to keep up.

*This Ambit will not have a Poetry Editor/s in charge. We are operating with a board of readers, chaired by the editor, whose decision is final.

*We are looking for new voices, and if not new voices, new work. This does not mean we need it to be fashionable, vogue-ish, or non-traditional. We want to be at the forefront of what poetry does. Please explore past, and recent editions to gain more understanding of our work.

*We request that you put only the titles of the poems on these submissions and not your name. Your name and contact details should go in the cover letter (which also includes your postal address, phone number, email and a biog of about 50 words).

*We did try accepting simultaneous submissions for a while but it really doesn’t work for us so please only send work that is original, exclusive and hasn’t been published elsewhere (including online or even social) and we are your intended target.

*We have published work in translation, and from across the gamuts of the world. We work with writers of all ages, genders, identities, locations, and are rigorous in our editorial decisions to be inclusive of all but not biased beyond the promise of world-class work.

*Our turnaround time varies but we will try and get back to you by the New Year.

Please note that Submittable uses American style dates.
Kirsty Allison, Editor

Submitting poetry and prose

Bear in mind we like to vary lengths of poems and stories – so within stories we accept “flash”, and like longer work too.  Only quality matters.

– We do not read any email submissions unless there are extraneous circumstances in which case we accept the payment via Paypal. Use the Submittable portal above please.
– If sending via post, please include your email address. If you do not have an email address, include a self-addressed envelope with UK stamps. For international submissions, we can only reply via email, or possibly a text/Whatsapp/Signal/Telegram message.
– If you have sent your work in by post and want your manuscripts returned, please make sure the return envelope is big enough and includes sufficient postage.
– Keep a record of exactly what you have sent and when.
– We receive too many submissions to be able to give feedback on returned work.
– By submitting your work you give us first print rights, and the right to reprint your work on our website and in digital form. Once we have printed your work, all rights return to you (except for our digital and internet reprint rights). Those electronic rights do not affect your right to publish your work elsewhere in any forms you wish, but we do ask for exclusive publication to hold for six months, beyond your own social media or publication within forthcoming collections &c. Please be aware that we use social media for marketing and we publish our work with to the Jstor library and to our digital subscribers.
– If work appears in Ambit, you must credit us in any future anthologies or collections in which your work appears stating that the piece was first published in Ambit Magazine and giving the year in which it was published.
– Once something has been published in Ambit we request that it isn’t posted on a blog or website for at least three months. After that please include a link to our site with a note that the piece was first published in Ambit.


The art in Ambit is the result of our editors’ ongoing research. We like to discover new practices by visiting exhibitions and exploring artists’ studios.

Our illustration editor invites illustrators to create work to accompany prose and poetry selected by our editors.


We do carry reviews on our website but the new editor is reviewing how we manage reviews and what we review, and why. In the first instance send an enquiry email to and if we are interested we will be in touch with you. 


Ambit is a charity and we run on a tiny budget, however any money we do make goes back into the magazine. Please see our payment schedule below:

For poets, flash fiction writers and illustrators from the UK – a copy of the Ambit you appear in plus either:  an extra copy, a half-price subscription (worth £15) or a cheque/PayPal transfer for £10.

For UK story writers and featured artists – a copy of the Ambit you appear in plus either: three extra copies, a one year subscription (worth £30) or a cheque/PayPal transfer for £30.

For overseas contributors we are restricted due to currency exchanges and postage rates, so the following applies:

For Overseas poets, flash fiction writers and illustrators – one copy of the issue you appear in.

For Overseas story writers and featured artists – three copies of the issue you appear in.