Are you in exile, a refugee, or currently experiencing the results of war?


We are reading for our 248th issue.


Ambit are proud to collaborate with the creators behind Dongola | Limited Editions in Beirut to publish a special September issue. We invite poets, writers and artists to tackle the tangents, multiplicity and permanence of war, creating echoes beyond its violent, singular image.

The traumatic bloodshed of the newest human atrocities leaves much media sidelining the pain of others in a never-ending sensory overload. Story is bound between the borders of truth and myth. Heroes and enemies become tropes within image and text, and as witnesses, art has no choice but to unpack the surreptitious results of psychological warfare, anxiety, inhumanity and the aftermath of the realities of war.


The purpose of this issue is to dissect the experience of the back-and-forth reverberations which result from a condensation of feelings, reactions and thought before, during and after the actuality of war.

We raise these thoughts in order to open an inclusive conversation that hears the war effect.

  • How do we create a single story or a single image when there is no singular war, but a multiplicity of wars occurring?
  • How do we communicate using poems, stories and art? Are there levels to critical response? The mirror of the critic, as self and other.
  • When art and literature acutely express themselves to a single reader and wider audience, can it carry a similar emotional frequency to the imperialist terror found in the violence of war itself?
  • Coping mechanisms to economic and cultural genocides, the destruction of humanity, the waves of inherited trauma, and acts of empathy within Yeats’ ‘terrible beauty’.
  • Is there purity to a binary, instinctive reaction as text or image? Is this the simplicity of media’s appropriation of war and what is the effect of that?
  • Spectatorship in art emancipates the self. How do we use image and the pen to survive?
  • Is it possible to widen the conversation on war using artistic representation and reflection to alter the single image and get beyond spectacle? Can we change the spectacle?
  • How do we discuss the fetishisation of terrorism as a traumatic response?
  • The psychic annihilation of other people’s egocentric greed
  • Fiction as the writing of forgotten or erased histories.
  • Self-portraiture as a means to dissect the act of war inwardly and collectively through the self.
  • Belonging at a distance as a consequence of seeking refuge.


You may submit up to five poems, included in one document, for the £3.50 admin fee, or a single for £2.50 (Ambit is a charity offering ladders into literature and the arts through publication), or please use the alternative form if you are outside the financial system, unwaged, a student, or experiencing extreme hardship.  Please send your writing as a PDF/Pages/Word/rtf file.


You may submit multiple entries, each for £2.50 a submission. If you are outside of the financial system (and unable to use the systems adopted by Submittable due to location), unwaged, a student, or experiencing extreme hardship, please use the special category we’ve set up to have the fee waived.

We accept prose between 1,000 and 4,000 words. Please include the word count on your story (with the title) but add your name and address on the cover letter only. This is because we like to read ‘blind’ in the first instance to avoid bias for past contributors etc. Please send your writing as a PDF/Pages/Word/rtf file.


Please attach your work as a PDF, TIFF, PNG, or JPG.

Note that Ambit is 16.5 x 24.5cm.

We do publish spreads. We generally look for Art that works in monoprint (occasionally on coloured paper) – so imagery designed to work in black and white will pop more on our pages. 

Submittable allows attachments upto 400mb and it helps us to have images as a reference rather than links. 

If selected, we will require images for print to be 600dpi which can be requested if your work is selected for publication.  Scans or photographs of work will be the responsibility of the artist/illustrator, but in exceptional cases we can arrange this. Please note the inside pages are generally designed in monochrome, so we will be looking for work that is suited to this. 


Please email with queries.


From the most recent war in Ukraine to the wider spectrum of regional conflict around the world – occupation, famine, proxy-events and the subtleties of despotism and ideologies that inflict atrocities – we want this issue to find stories from a myriad of identities in the furthest reaches of war-torn lands and former lands. We would like to widen the lens and do not wish to limit this to conflicts reported (to a greater or lesser extent) in the UK and western media. Responses are welcomed from anywhere and need not be limited to the ‘known’ issues affecting the Middle East, Ireland, Russia and eastern Europe, Tibet, Mexico, Taiwan, Philippines, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Myanmar, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Nigeria, Cameroon, DRC, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Chad, Libya, Mali, Tunisia, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Niger, Chad or Kashmir, for example.


Ambit x Dongola will be publishing work without prejudice. Only the top submissions will feature across 96-pages, with 30 pages for Poems, Stories and Art. The editor’s decision is final.


OPEN FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL. CLOSES at MIDNIGHT GMT, 30 APRIL 2022. Any postal submissions must be sent to the London office and be received by 30th April.


Our turnaround time varies but we will try to get back to you by June.


We seek only exclusive work and ask you to only submit it to us, until we respond by June. As a warning, it is a highly competitive process for us to filter work. Many contributors find that sometimes their submissions are selected, other times not.


We request that you put only the titles of the works on these submissions and not your name. We like to read ‘blind’ in the first instance, to avoid bias towards those published previously, or names that the editors may be acquainted with. Please ensure your name and contact details go only in the cover letter. We did try accepting simultaneous submissions but it really doesn’t work for us so please only send work that is original and hasn’t been published elsewhere (including blogs, social media and general Internet). If published, we ask for a six-month window before the work is shared elsewhere.


We offer a free digital subscription to all who are published, or a half-price print subscription in lieu of a small token payment.  Our subscriptions are increasing, and we intend to increase contributor payments as soon as this becomes possible, so please do support Ambit by subscribing if you can afford to, but we thank you for your submission.


Please note that our submission portal uses American-style dates.


The best way to understand what may work for us is to read the magazine. We feature some work here on our website but this is not the full scope you will experience through taking a digital subscription, print membership, or finding us in a library.


Deep thanks for submitting, we appreciate your time and effort, and, as suggested, we are only able to publish a small selection of works that stand out as exceptional.


Kirsty Allison, editor-in-chief, Ambit, working with Dongola | Limited Editions.